Sunday, July 10, 2011

What makes a Artist???

Sometimes it is happiness, sometimes lonliness and sometimes sadness.

I  create from all but mostly happiness , maybe a wonderful bright colored new piece of fabric or a chance sighting of a Kingfisher sitting on a piling in the water, or maybe a little girl walking on the beach with her bright yellow sandpail picking up shells and enjoying life as it should be. 

Whatever your catalyst is , you must not ignore it....because it will not go away.   Those doodles that keep dribbling out of your pen at business meetings or during long phone calls are telling you something.  You have a creative streak, Oh my gosh your a streaker, oops not in that sense, you need to get someplace where you can play like you did when you were a child in school remember the first day of school and the smell of a new box of crayolas or the paste in a jar or how paper smelled.  Ok so now you are saying to yourself , this chick is crazy , well maybe, I have been called Bohemian by more than one person in my life and you know what it fits for the most part.  My love of my fellow people and the idea that many think they can't be creative just sends me spiraling trying to figure out how to get them headed to where I am . Its ok they know me here, and I just want others to see how much more fun life can be with art in it.  Art is not expensive, does not require years of study, and is the most personally uplifting process you can ever experience in today's tough times.  When you create no matter what it is, it is ART!  and YOU are a ARTIST!  

So what makes a artist, allowing yourself the freedom to sit down and create .

Come try your hand if you are in my area at my Creative Learning Center, you will be surprised what will appear when you open the door.  See you soon!

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