Monday, April 18, 2011

Ok Houston we have lift off almost....

Got the keys to the building today and will start bringing the supplies and tables over this week and next.  While official opening day is still May 18th, I plan on opening the doors as soon as I can so we can get creating .  I know there are many of you out there on lean times, so come by the school see what you can learn and I will teach you how to set up and sell your work.  As part of our local artists I want to teach you how to be a creative human being and make some money at it.  Also remember to bring friends and family to learn...This is a community school no high priced classes , just simple art instruction that will help you in many ways.  Maybe you know a senior citizen that doesn't get out much ...bring them, along and let us teach them something creative.   We have free classes , just pay for supplies...most are $5.00 and under for supplies, and the regular classes start at $10.00 and go up....but we will keep everything affordable guaranteed.

So stay tuned for our official opening announcement here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What do you get???

When you have a building full of almost every imaginable creative medium and people who love to share what they know.   The answer is easy Found Colony Art School, the only community oriented art school on the outer banks of north carolina that wants to show and share with you the many ways to be creative and have fun.  We will have sewing machines, a full quilt shop next door with the largest selection of  fabric in the outer banks and maybe on the east coast.  All you have to do to enjoy is walk in anytime you want ...and tell us what you want to learn , we will set you up and get you going. 
Some classes are free with only a $5.00 supply fee , some are free and you only pay for all supplies used (Basic Jewelry)  and the other classes start at $10.00 and go up we have over 40 different classes you can take...don't see what you want ...just ask and I am sure we can come up with it.    Have a creative day ....

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We are going to offer Studio time...and Pow wow

If you are visiting here on the Outer Banks and already know what you want to do or maybe youlive here but need more space to work on a project or tools you don't have to complete it , we will be offering hourly rates for you to come and use our facilties.  You must already have the skills you need although if you ask a "what would you do?" we won't ignore you, we love to help people create.

We haven't settled on a $ but it will again be afordable....that is what this school is all about.

See you in May.

Oh and  April 30-May 1 2011 if you are anywhere near Hatteras , make sure to go to Frsico Native American Museum and  visit the 13th annual Frsico Native American Pow Wow , it is not just dancing and good food but two days of fun, educational classes .   so stop on by

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Art Quilts by Lorri Chambers

Art Quilts and Fabric Art Classes

I have loved fabrics since I can remember but have worked with them to create art since I was 10 years.  Over 40 years now,  I have created collector teddy bears from mohair, to art quilts to fabric postcards , the last two are my passion. I have many techniques and ways to do things that make creating fun and sometimes simpler, one technique I developed called  "PAS" Poor Artist silkscreen lends a ethereal feeling to your art.

There is a 12 week curriculum from basics to advanced, in Art Quilting and Fabric Art that you can sign up for or you can take one particular session, available at the new Found Colony Art School.    We also have over 30 other classes we offer on a walkin basis 6 days a week.

email us for more information

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