Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Classes being offered: Rosary class, Art Quilts, CD Case

  Found Colony Community Art School Class Offerings: 
How to make a Rosary:  Learn the history and basics of making a Rosary, using glass or semi-precious stone beads,,,Basic supplies included in cost of class.  Once you learn how you will want to make more than one.  Class Cost is  $48.00.    Monday November 21, 2011 and  Tuesday December 6th, 2011  11:00am to 1:00pm. 
Art Quilts:  Art Quilting is learning to take pieces of fabric and either using a photograph for inspiration, or a drawing to create a one of a kind wall hanging for you or someone to treasure.  All Supplies included, If you have special fabrics you would like to use bring them please.  These will make great Christmas gifts.   Class cost is $55.00  November 16th , 2011   5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  December 6th,2011 4:30 to 7:30 pm
 Quilted CD Case:  This is a class to learn how to make a fabric CD case , to hold one CD or DVD for a gift or you can make a few of them and put them together in a CD Book….pick your favorites fabric themes or colors.   These make wonderful gifts for everyone.  Put a CD album of sports photos together and make special themed case to give it.   Class cost is  $35.00 all supplies included.  November 22, 2011 11:00 am to 1:30 pm.
We have many Free classes available on a walk in basis just pay for the supplies and on Free Friday you can take any of our classes and only pay for supplies , the class is free. Free classes include Wire Wrapping Seaglass ,  Jewelry Making Basics, Watercolors, Pastels, Paper Art Collage.
All of this is just a minute outside of Manteo on 64w off of Etheridge Road and Driftwood Dr, in Maritime Business Park.  Found Colony Community Art School, Bead Store and Gallery. (Formerly Ocean Beads Gallery) 4450 Maritime Woods Drive, Manteo  252 256-3034

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gallery Updates

Here are some new pictures of the Gallery after the revamping yesterday, We hung our first offical exhibit called "Art Near and Far" , a collection of Fabric and Mixed media postcards, journal pages , ATCs and Inchies, over 150 pieces on display all made with different mediums and themes.  The result is a fun and fancilful collection that will people smile and be creative for years to come.  I also have some amazing pieces by Lisa Lectura that is a artist I first met selling her work on Ebay, her work is so detail oriented and intricate that every auction was a battle to gain her pieces.  Now worth every struggle as she does not produce very many pieces like these now, she concentrates on painting and to acquire one of her fabric treasures is a rare treat nowadays.

So take a look at our new layout and enjoy....Have a blessed day

some new works
Art From Near and Far Exhibit
Tin Fins By Larisa Pardo
Recycled Tin 3 dimensional fish
Some of Larisa's Metal work
Baskets and Vine Trees by Corinne Amidon
Beadwoven Bracelets and Jewelry
Fabric Postcards, mailable pieces of Art
Our bead selection in front and behind the counter, we carry mostly glass, crystal, semi-precious, seed beads and antique trade beads. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011



OCTOBER 5, 2011  Wednesday Workouts…No Not Exercise , Art work out, come and learn how to draw Cartoon Animals then we will take them all and make them into a book for you to write a story of you want. Class cost is $10.00 runs from 4pm to 6pm  All Ages and we will be glad to help with homework if we can. FOUND COLONY ART SCHOOL 4450 MARITIME WOODS DRIVE, MANTEO, NC     252 256-3034
OCTOBER 19TH ,2011 Wednesday Workout…No not Exercise…Time to start thinking of Christmas Gifts …we will work on some great cute ideas , Key chains, coin purses, and more…some hand sewing One item is a Fabric CD/DVD Caddy, very handy 4 pm to 6 pm $20.00 cost includes all  supplies   All Ages FOUND COLONY ART SCHOOL 4450 MARITIME WOODS DRIVE, MANTEO,NC 252 256-3034
NOVEMBER 9TH, 2011 Wednesday Workout, no not exercise, Holiday Ornaments class, paper collage, folded paper, shells and more.  $20.00 all supplies included All Ages, 4 to 6 pm 252 256-3034 FOUND COLONY ART SCHOOL 4450 MARITIME WOODS DRIVE , MANTEO, NC 27954
NOVEMBER 30  Wednesday Workout,  More Fun Gift Ideas, Picture frames, Key Chains, eye glass cases, for just a few ideas, some sewing for older kids 4 pm to 6 pm $20.00 all supplies included 252 256-3034  FOUND COLONY ART SCHOOL 4450 MARITIME WOODS DRIVE, MANTEO NC 27954


DECEMBER 7TH, 2011  Wednesday workout….DASHER Dash, last minute holiday gifts , lots of fun, and treasures galore, something for everyone..$20.00 all supplies included.  252 256-3034 FOUND COLONY ART SCHOOL 4450 MARITIME WOODS DRIVE, MANTEO, NC 27954
DECEMBER14TH, 2011  Wednesday workout….GIFTAMATIC, Paint a picture, make some ornaments, a Christmas Stocking, Earrings , you name it we make it or will try anyway.  All Ages 4 pm to 6 pm  $20.00 all supplies included.  All ages, 4pm to 6 pm.  FOUND COLONY ART SCHOOL 4450  MARITIME WOODS DRIVE, MANTEO , NC 27954

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Desperate times call for Desperate Women...

Found Colony Art School

I hope Russ doesn't mind ,,,but desperate women do desperate things,this article was copied and placed here from the Outer Banks Voice , hoping more of you would read it and see what I am trying to accomplish me, in time I know we would be successful, the problem is time is not on our side, nor is the economy ...But I know that with your help and publicity through your help , we can survive and be here to help our grassroots artists, many who just lost everything in the hurricane and the children of the area. Thank you for giving us Just consideration. Dreams can come true I tell people all the time never give up and I plan on following my own advice. Blessings to you all

Found Colony helps folks discover an artistic side
Russ Lay

July 21, 2011

Lee Chambers, Found Colony owner. (Russ Lay photos)

Lee Chambers, owner of the Found Colony Art School, Bead Store and Gallery, likes to remind people that “Penland and John C. Campbell had to get their start somewhere.”

Penland and Campbell are renowned arts, crafts, and folkways (dancing, cooking) learning centers nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

In some respects, they have spawned artist colonies that thrive in the surrounding areas. Chambers would love to see something similar take route on Roanoke Island.

Business profile Chambers has been a fixture on the Outer Banks for years. Her story is peppered with hills and valleys just like so many others who have tried to carve out a living in one of the toughest markets anywhere. Her story even demonstrates how progress in the form of chain stores can result in collateral damage to merchants whose businesses are not remotely in competition with the big box outlets
Arriving here via northern Virginia in 1999, Chambers was wholesaling beads and teaching classes in people’s homes. When her daughter graduated from photography college in 2001, they began to work weddings and family portraits together, in addition to Chambers working at Soundfeet Shoes.

Her daughter wanted to add another activity to their income source, so they opened up the Bead Store on Colington Road, a 450-square-foot shop next to Billy’s Seafood.

Their tactic: free classes in making jewelry — beaded, hemp, leather, strung pearls, with students paying only for the supplies. Of course, many came back to purchase subsequent materials.

“It took off by word of mouth. On a rainy day, we would be packed to the hilt.” In 2003 they moved to a 2,000- square-foot store in the Nags Head, a move that almost worked.
Some of the material you will find at the store and gallery

“There was too much space for our inventory. At the time, Food Lion and Family Dollar were still in the shopping center. We kept doing really well, then Family Dollar closed and sales went down by half as we lost our walk-in business. But we still were covering our bills and in our fifth year, when we thought we would start really making money, the shopping center owners came in and told us they were not renewing our lease.”
The Bead Store, along with Mrs. T’s Deli and a hair salon were shunted aside to make room for Staples. Chambers packed up their inventory and planned to re-open, but during the down time her husband was diagnosed with late stage lung cancer and her attentions were channeled into the role of caregiver.

Her husband passed away in 2009, her employer let her go three days after her husband’s death and she was left with no money or job.
Girl Scouts are among the students.
Chambers began painting when she was 4. Her father was an artist. At age 10 she discovered beads and jewelry, and at age 13 she student- taught at a Montessori school. Her new goal was to open a full-blown art school, expanding far beyond beads and retail.

They opened two months ago in a complex off the beaten path on Roanoke Island. To get there you turn left at the Elizabethan Inn, following the signs to the Dare County Animal Center and the Detention Center. You keep driving past those buildings and more warehouses until you see a relatively new green and gold colored strip center at the end of the road.

The most prominent feature is Millwood Cleaners, but you have to continue driving to the very end of the road and then turn right into the back side of the center. Only then will you will have found the Found Colon
The name is a riff on the Lost Colony as well as the idea of an off-the-beaten path art school that people will seek and find.

In two months, she has already taught 24 students, following the old formula. One class consisted of older citizens who learned wire wrapping. Bead weaving (peyote stitch), bead basics, hemp jewelry, watercolors, acrylics, oil pastel painting, polymer clay, sewing, art quilting (painting with fabric) are among the choices.

There is no class minimum — Chambers will teach a group or one-on-one. You might even be able to walk in a take a class. Most are one to three hours, but there are also 12-week classes, such as the art quilting course

Some classes are free, others now have tuition. Currently there is a “Free Friday” offering for any class where one only pays for supplies. The goal is to make the school portion a non-profit, while keeping a retail store and gallery out front, which sells beads and art pieces.
All ages are welcome. Christian youth groups, youth surfing groups, even Girl and Boy Scouts have taken classes. The Found Colony also hosts birthday parties where kids go away having made something unique for themselves

Found Colony also hosts birthday parties
With the short day classes, Chambers is really interesting in tapping the tourism market, where groups could come in and spend a few hours learning some basic art techniques. To that end, she is trying to get the word out to local rental management companies and hoping visitors will find the Found Colony.

To give one an idea of Chamber’s passion and thought process, one of her biggest concerns is the state of art funding in school. “They have defunded art in school so far that people are not getting that. Art is a common sense, self-esteem builder, problem-solving function. Suppose the teacher says draw a flying pig –the child has to think about many things. What does a flying pig look like? Should it have bird wings, dragonfly wings or angel wings? Should it be a big or a small pig?”

Her daughter Larisa Pardo is close to adding another certification from COA in jewelry, and the next step is a lab for metal smithing and a small kiln for pottery. Pardo is a partner in the new venture, so the Found Colony is truly a family business.

“I meet so many older citizens who don’t want to hang around a seniors center all day with people their own age,” Chambers said. “They want to be around younger people and interact with them. Art can do that. I want this location to be a community center, a place where people can gather, hang out and interact. I want other art teachers to be able to come in here and teach what they know.”

If the mountains can support two artist colony destinations, surely the Outer Banks, home to so many talented artisans can do the same. And maybe Lee Chambers will be the person to create the next Penland.
Location: 4450 Maritime Woods Drive, Manteo, NC


charlie says:

This story is why the Voice matters. Thanks
on July 22, 2011 @ 4:54 pm

Laura OBrien says:

My two daughters and I were vacationing in Nags Head and recently visited Found Colony Art School to make jewelry. We had met Lee at the Manteo Farmers Market Sat morning where she invited us to come by the art school later that day. Both girls loved picking their beads from a wide selection of choices. They had never made jewelry before so Lee walked them through the steps. It was super fun for the girls and they both left with prized keepsakes. What a treat to meet Lee and her daughter. The school is off the beaten bath, but all good things in life are. We wish them all the best with the new school. It is a treasure.

on July 25, 2011 @ 4:46 pm

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


August 27th, 2011 we will have our first Art Free For All...11 art stations set up with things for all ages to create a piece of Art that is all you...from mini clay bowls to watercolor paintings to beaded bracelets and more...It will start at 3:00 pm that Saturday afternoon and continue till at least 6:00pm.  It is for all ages and we are looking forward to a great turnout.  If you need more information or would be willing to volunteer that day as either a Artist Mentor or in some other format, donating items for our raffle we would like to hold that day...then please email us or post a comment...thank you so much ...

Lorri & Larisa...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Why I teach? because ART is important !

In the last 30 or 40 Art has lost its defined purpose in the public school system whether this is because of true funding crisises as claimed or intentional determination that Art makes people think and problem solve too well, which it does I am not sure... I pray it is not the latter.  I am posting a College English Argumentative Paper I wrote for my summer school semester on my other blog for you to read and grasp a understanding as to while I feel it is so important for me to teach people arts, crafts and being creative.  I hope you will read it and leave me feedback as to what you  think.

Thank you in advance.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Free Classes ???? huh???

I am sure many are wondering why I teach "FREE" classes.
First, because I love to teach. Second, It makes me happy to share with someone the opportunity to express his or her once hidden artistic side. Third, it is so much better to share the talents I am blessed with than to make copious amounts of money. I want people to create, to learn so that they can express their creative side.
For over 40 years, I have been wrapping rocks, stones, shells and whatever else I could get my hands on. Over that time, I developed a simple, clean pretty wrap that becomes part of the overall quality of the finished piece of jewelry. I use techniques I developed such as caging and simple two-piece drops to create unique seaglass jewelry like brooches, rings, bracelets and necklaces.
I teach the basics, explaining the supplies and tools required. All you need to add is some time and your own special style. The seaglass class takes from one half hour to 3 hours. Everyone learns at different speeds and I will take the time to make sure you understand the techniques. The class costs $ 8.00 and includes "Real" seaglass from the Outer Banks. Your finished pendant could be worth from $10.00 to $45.00 -maybe more!
The jewelry basics class is just that; the professional basics of how to design, string and craft a quality piece of jewelry. Choose from a selection of over 800 types of beads, which we have on hand.
I love vintage beads. My personal bead collection was started when I was 10 years old, and 43 years later I am still collecting! In 2004 I purchased an amazing selection of the coolest, funest colors ever, all made in Germany in the 1930's or earlier and brought to the U.S. by a family who went to all the old closed(because of the war) bead and button factories and saved them.
Try a watercolor basics class, $15.00 for supplies or an acrylic class for $20.00. Found Colony also offers basic drawing, pastels, charcoal, pen & ink to name a few! Love to sew? Wish you knew how to sew? Take the basic sewing class or the advanced quilting class or come in and make your own mini quilt art! With a wide selection of things to learn, we can keep you creative and challenged for your entire vacation- and beyond!
There are so many other classes you can try your hands at and many times it is one on one unless you bring a group with you...These all have affordble fees that make them easy on the pocketbook and glorious on the heart when you see what you can create.

Fabric Postcards-Fabric Art you create and send through the mail

Art Quilts-wallhangings , made by creating images with pieces of fabric sewn to a background and then quilted.

Art Doll-wrapped armature bodies and sewn heads, come together with your imagination and soul to create a 3-D image of your dreams and thoughts.

Victorian Embroidery- learn the ways of victorian ribbon roses and embroidery stitches from the golden days of ladies arts.

Artist Trading Cards - 2 1/2 inch by 3 inch pieces of art that are traded for free by artists all over the world...they are imaginative, sometimes funky little pocket gallery size art.

These are just some of the things we teach....ever wanted to know how to make a collectable fully jointed Teddy Bear  I can teach you my simplfied time tested methods that make the process easier and yes fun so after 6 hours you can leave with a one of a kind teddy made by you and the knowledge to do it again and again.

Check out my etsy shop under my Fairy Godmother Arts will find many pieces of my work for sale there....
You will see what we are all about ,,,,,thank you.
 the link below takes you to a news article written about Found Colony and our goals....

Friday, July 22, 2011

Some of the classes we offer,,,,

We Are waiting for you.....

Last week we had our first students and they did very well.  So now we are just anxiously waiting for the rest of you to come and visit and maybe take a class. 

I have listed below many of the classes we have available although these are not all of them, and if you don't see the one you want call us or email us.

Class ListThis is a basic list of the classes we offer, but anything is possible as far as we are concerned.  So ask if you don’t see what you want, seek and ye shall find.  Almost all classes are done on a walk in basis…some classes are a prescheduled curriculum class but we can work around certain sections of that too.FREE CLASSES…just pay for supplies.Jewelry Making Basics :  Learn to string a necklace, bracelet and earrings , finishing them in a professional long lasting technique.  This class is FREE you only pay for supplies,   Based on your selection of beads and findings.Wire wrapping:  This is the class you want to take if you want to learn how to wire wrap all those pieces of sea glass, shells and other treasures you find so you can wear them and share them with others as your exclusive beach jewelry.  This class is  FREE you only pay for supplies.  $8.00 for suppliesArt Postcards:   Paper collage , treasures and tricks to make one of a kind ART postcards to send to friends while on vacation or just because , you can make them and just frame and enjoy them.  Class is FREE just pay $5.00 for supplies.Hemp Jewelry:   Learn the basic hemp knots and how to add beads and finish your piece of iconic beach jewelry.  This class is FREE , just pay $6.00 for base supplies, can be a little more if you select beads other than what is included.Regular Classes:Water Color  Painting class:  Learn the basics of sketching out and painting with watercolors.  You will see how easy and fun it can be.  Class Fee Free : $15.00 supply fee .Acrylics  Painting Class:   Learn how to mix colors and manipulate the wonderful  medium of acrylic paints.  Fast drying, fun to work with and spontaneously willing to let you create amazing art.  This is a basics class just to teach you how to prepare your canvas , sketch and complete small piece of work. Class Fee Free: $20.00
supply fee.  Pastels :  Pastels are a fancy version of colored chalk, you see many times caricaturists at Amusements parks using them to do portraits.  But it is a wonderful medium to work with and you can achieve great affects with them. Class Fee is $18.00
Fabric Postcards:  Learn how to make Fabric Postcards, mailable art,  some sewing experience needed.   You will be taught how to cut out pieces of fabric ,and design  one of a kind fabric art postcards , using ribbons, beads, paints , raw edge applique.Class Fee is $30.00Art Quilt 6 week class:  This class is broken down into 6  3 hour sessions one day a week.  First class is basic sewing , and how to make your sewing machine do the things you want.  What to look for in designing  your art quilt ,  different ways to use designs.  Info on  the rest of the classes is available on a separate sheet. Supply list is included on that sheet.Class Fee is $180.00 or $30.00 a week with full sign up.One section of the Art Quilt class  is $50.00 
Crazy quilted handbag:  this class will teach you how to do crazy quilting and make a foundation piece to make either a clutch bag or messenger bag.                   3 + hour class  Basic supplies provided, bring  your choice of fabrics. Class fee is $45.00
Fabric Book making :  Make a fabric travel or art journal ,  You will learn how to design your book pages, then make the fabric covers, finally learn how to assemble your book and enjoy it.  They  make great gifts !Class Fee is $40.00
Artist Trading Cards:  This class will teach you how to create paper and fabric ATCs,   A fun little card that is 2 ½  by 3 ½  inches of artistic spirit.  They can be embellished with your own artwork and then decorated with beads and bits of this and that.Class Fee is $20.00

Bead Weaving Classes  Peyote Stitch Bracelet :  A easy to learn off loom bead weaving technique , We use larger beads to teach that make it easier to understand the process.  You will complete a bracelet in the 3 hour class.  Supplies included.   Class Fee $45.00Free form Peyote  Stitch bracelet:  Off loom bracelet that allows your artistic     side to really blossom through your personal selection of focal beads and treasures. Width of bracelets vary, and is made from your available color selection.    Most bead supplies  included in price of bracelet class. 3 hour classClass Fee $55.00

Spiral Stitch Bracelet.A fun twist on off loom beadwork, this is a beautiful fun bracelet to make. 3 Hour class.  Supplies included  Class Fee:  $40.00Beaded Amulet Bag :  This class will take longer than 3 hours but you can do it in sessions.  For one set price.  This is a small beaded bag done in circular peyote, select colors and learn how to make it from start to finish.Class Fee is $95.00
Right Angle Weave Bracelet :  Make an unsusal open weave bracelet that can be embellished with beads and treasures on top.   Beautiful to wear or give as a gift.Class Fee is  $40.00  Daisy chain Bracelet   , a fun , funky little bracelet that works up fairly quickly.  2 to 3 hour class.  Class Fee is $20.00
Circular Peyote:  Make a circular medallion that can be used as a Pin or hair piece.2 to 3 hour class.Class Fee is $20.00 Memory Wire Bracelet:  Tempered wire holds it bangle shape and is fun and easy to wear.   All beads included, except for anything extra special.$15.00

Personal Fabric Pouch (Medicine Bag)  This little bag is quick to sew and embellish with beads and bits.  Perfect to keep all those little beach treasures in and add more things as you  travel.   Takes one hour.Class Fee is $10.00
Basic Card Weaving:   Class will teach you how to take a piece of cardboard and  make it in to a simple loom, to weave a small wallhanging you can embellish with beads and shell pieces.  Just a pretty little piece of art for that special place.2 hour class   all supplies included.Class Fee $10.00 Greeting Card Class: learn to take tissue, paper and scraps of this and that to create artsy one of a kind greeting cards and envelopes.  1 hour classTeddy Bear Class : this is an all day class 6 hours you will learn how to make a traditional teddy bear , fully jointed with wood joints, collectable bear.  I use a sewing technique that makes the process easier than can be imagined.Class Fee $95.00Miniature Teddy Bear Class:  learn how to make a teddy  4 inches tall all jointed (movable ) legs and arms.Class Fee  $60.00Polymer clay Beads :  Get in touch with the basics of wonderful Polymer clay, it is a clay comes in a variety of different colors.   The clay then bakes in a dedicated toaster oven.  To a  durable hardness, make a necklaces bracelet or anklet from the beads you make using basic jewelry techniques.Class Fee  $30.00
Polymer clay Dragons.Making cute little clay dragons that can only bring smiles to your face.Pick two favorite colors and then we will show you all the techniques required to complete one.$30.00  see you there.....

Please check out this very nice piece written

about the school,  and what our goals are ....

You will see what we are all about ,,,,,thank you.

Monday, July 11, 2011

We were Ocean Beads Gallery for 5+ years...

In 2000 Ocean Beads Gallery opened and did something no one has ever done before especially on the Outer Banks ,  we sold beads and gave free lessons on what to do with them. Jewelry Basics class was free and all you did was pay for supplies. 
 Well on May 18th ,2011 , a dream came true, we’re back and we love our wonderful new name – Found Colony Art School -- and our beautiful off the beaten path location at 4450 Maritime Woods Drive off of Driftwood Drive in Manteo.
Our setting offers an island, a bridge, frogs and cat-tails for inspiration.  Quietly  reflect on life.     The occasional sound of airplanes taking off and landing nearby may momentarily intrude on your serenity, but you may also get to enjoy a skydiver’s graceful descent.
WE have added Wire Wrapping Sea Glass and Beach Treasures to that free section, along with a few other great new classes for all to enjoy. These classes are done on a walk in basis -- no schedules to work around.   Any age can enjoy any of these classes during business hours.   Oh and Yes. we still have our awesome bead store, chock-full of glass, stone, wood, beady treasures, hemp IN all colors... the list goes on.
  Found Colony Art School, is a place full of supplies for all mediums , especially beads and fabrics. Get project instruction on a walk-in basis or enjoy one of our creative  art camps.  Found Colony believes everyone is an artist -We just help you  open the door to your imagination.
     We now have 750 square feet of fun learning space, with 4 sewing machines, tons of beads (well almost), and more creative instruction and support for all ages.   We also have the only bead store on Roanoke Island , located next to the largest quilt shop on the Outer Banks. Find Beaucoup goodies to inspire you.
Found Colony Art School is offering the following  Arts and Craft Camps for July 2011.
Art Doll Camp: Have you ever seen the fancy little dolls that just seem to be?  Some are fairies, some are medieval ladies, some are just pure fantasy. They were originally created to commemorate people, like a 3-D photograph, and since then have taken off as a way to play with dolls in the adult world.
Come learn the various methods OF  creating  Art Dolls - from wrapped armature to soft sculpture bodies sewn on a machine in a fail safe and fun way.  Then you will design their clothing and make it using hand sewing, machine sewing, stapling...whatever method works to bring your doll to life.
I have one of the largest collections of antique trims and notions to create from and am willing to share. 
This is a two day camp - July 20-21 - FOR 6 plus hours each day.  Bring a lunch and drinks. Cost for the camp is $125.00.
I am excepting the first 5 people who sign up so make  your reservation today!   Call 252 256-3034 or email Art Quilt Camp :   This is a two-day camp - July 27 AND 28.  Learn the ends and and outs of creating fabric wall hangings -- Art Quilts with various fabrics and techniques, including my process called PAS. ( Poor Artist Silkscreen, an art process that gives your work an ethereal look, like the design is floating.)
  You should bring a photograph or drawing of something you would like to see hanging in your home and we will help you convert it to art.  Also bring fabric pieces you like or purchase them at the quilt shop next door on Monday before the camp starts.
Each day is 6 plus hours each so bring a lunch and drink.  Open to the first 5 people who sign up.
Make your reservation today!   Call 252 256-3034 or email
Can't  make it then just let me know -- we will be offering these classes on a regular schedule.
For more  information, CALL US at 252 256-3034.  and meet JW while your here if you would like.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

What makes a Artist???

Sometimes it is happiness, sometimes lonliness and sometimes sadness.

I  create from all but mostly happiness , maybe a wonderful bright colored new piece of fabric or a chance sighting of a Kingfisher sitting on a piling in the water, or maybe a little girl walking on the beach with her bright yellow sandpail picking up shells and enjoying life as it should be. 

Whatever your catalyst is , you must not ignore it....because it will not go away.   Those doodles that keep dribbling out of your pen at business meetings or during long phone calls are telling you something.  You have a creative streak, Oh my gosh your a streaker, oops not in that sense, you need to get someplace where you can play like you did when you were a child in school remember the first day of school and the smell of a new box of crayolas or the paste in a jar or how paper smelled.  Ok so now you are saying to yourself , this chick is crazy , well maybe, I have been called Bohemian by more than one person in my life and you know what it fits for the most part.  My love of my fellow people and the idea that many think they can't be creative just sends me spiraling trying to figure out how to get them headed to where I am . Its ok they know me here, and I just want others to see how much more fun life can be with art in it.  Art is not expensive, does not require years of study, and is the most personally uplifting process you can ever experience in today's tough times.  When you create no matter what it is, it is ART!  and YOU are a ARTIST!  

So what makes a artist, allowing yourself the freedom to sit down and create .

Come try your hand if you are in my area at my Creative Learning Center, you will be surprised what will appear when you open the door.  See you soon!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Outer Banks things to do!

If you have never spent any time visiting Roanoke Island and Manteo you have missed a opportunity to visit one of the most action packed places in the Outer Banks.

Downtown Manteo is full of wonderful restaurants , Awesome Galleries, and Roanoke Island Festival Park where you can walk back in History.  After you have visited there and said Hi to Nancy at Nancyware Pottery, or talked to Brenda at His Shells, or perused the antiquities and quilt fabrics at Outer Banks Quilts and Antiques, among a few favorites.  Travel another 2 miles on Hwy 64-W and you will find Island Farm, NC Aquarium, Elizabethan Gardens and in the evening Lost Colony Outdoor Drama.

Now you can find us right in the middle of them all waiting to show you how to enjoy being creative or visit our gallery of  one of a kind local art and artist made jewelry.

From simple dainty necklaces to wide banded bracelets with bling to ART QUILTS, fabric paintings done one piece of fabric at a time.

We have a Bead store where you can pick out your beads and we teach you how to make your own jewelry or we can design and create it for you. 

Our selection of fun and sometimes FREE classes are done on a walk in basis and is good for all ages.  

So come and be creative today!

Just finished a group of beady keychains that scream personality, today.

We have something for everyone....

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Well here are some pics of the Classroom , the walls are now painted beautiful seagreen and blue.
The other pictures are of the Gallery and Bead Store, We will have lots more beads to get out but it will all come together.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Things are still being put together but we are open, we just can't contain ourselves any longer.   The Bead Store and Gallery are finished, the classrooms just acquired its final chairs needed yesterday.  Now all we need is you all to come in and sit down and take some classes.  Time to let those creative juices flow or even escape for the first time.

Not sure what class you want to take well just come on in and we will show you the bits about each one till you find one that you like. 

SO see you soon ...hours this week Tuesday through Saturday 10 am to 4pm.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Are you as excited as I am ...

Yes I know it is only May 2nd , and the school officially opens May 18th, but I will let you in on a little secret ...We will be there this Saturday working (May 7th) and if you would like to come by and see what we are doing...feel free to drop in anytime before 3 pm.  We have lots of beads already in place to sell as well as our other local art.

Need directions 252 256-3034...

Manteo Farmers Market opens its season this saturday too and one of us will be done there passing out flyers and with some of our art.

The front gallery is looking amazing ,,,,and we are getting the classrooms worked on now.

I spent the weekend in Hatteras working the 13th annual Pow Wow at Frisco Native American was a amazing and inspiring.  

So see you all very soon ....and if you are in the area before we officially open call and see if we are there...we wouls love to see you and share the dream coming true.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ok Houston we have lift off almost....

Got the keys to the building today and will start bringing the supplies and tables over this week and next.  While official opening day is still May 18th, I plan on opening the doors as soon as I can so we can get creating .  I know there are many of you out there on lean times, so come by the school see what you can learn and I will teach you how to set up and sell your work.  As part of our local artists I want to teach you how to be a creative human being and make some money at it.  Also remember to bring friends and family to learn...This is a community school no high priced classes , just simple art instruction that will help you in many ways.  Maybe you know a senior citizen that doesn't get out much ...bring them, along and let us teach them something creative.   We have free classes , just pay for supplies...most are $5.00 and under for supplies, and the regular classes start at $10.00 and go up....but we will keep everything affordable guaranteed.

So stay tuned for our official opening announcement here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What do you get???

When you have a building full of almost every imaginable creative medium and people who love to share what they know.   The answer is easy Found Colony Art School, the only community oriented art school on the outer banks of north carolina that wants to show and share with you the many ways to be creative and have fun.  We will have sewing machines, a full quilt shop next door with the largest selection of  fabric in the outer banks and maybe on the east coast.  All you have to do to enjoy is walk in anytime you want ...and tell us what you want to learn , we will set you up and get you going. 
Some classes are free with only a $5.00 supply fee , some are free and you only pay for all supplies used (Basic Jewelry)  and the other classes start at $10.00 and go up we have over 40 different classes you can take...don't see what you want ...just ask and I am sure we can come up with it.    Have a creative day ....

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We are going to offer Studio time...and Pow wow

If you are visiting here on the Outer Banks and already know what you want to do or maybe youlive here but need more space to work on a project or tools you don't have to complete it , we will be offering hourly rates for you to come and use our facilties.  You must already have the skills you need although if you ask a "what would you do?" we won't ignore you, we love to help people create.

We haven't settled on a $ but it will again be afordable....that is what this school is all about.

See you in May.

Oh and  April 30-May 1 2011 if you are anywhere near Hatteras , make sure to go to Frsico Native American Museum and  visit the 13th annual Frsico Native American Pow Wow , it is not just dancing and good food but two days of fun, educational classes .   so stop on by

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Art Quilts by Lorri Chambers

Art Quilts and Fabric Art Classes

I have loved fabrics since I can remember but have worked with them to create art since I was 10 years.  Over 40 years now,  I have created collector teddy bears from mohair, to art quilts to fabric postcards , the last two are my passion. I have many techniques and ways to do things that make creating fun and sometimes simpler, one technique I developed called  "PAS" Poor Artist silkscreen lends a ethereal feeling to your art.

There is a 12 week curriculum from basics to advanced, in Art Quilting and Fabric Art that you can sign up for or you can take one particular session, available at the new Found Colony Art School.    We also have over 30 other classes we offer on a walkin basis 6 days a week.

email us for more information

FOUND COLONY ART SCHOOL: Hardwork and Dreams

FOUND COLONY ART SCHOOL: Hardwork and Dreams: "12 years ago on May 18,1999 I moved to the beautiful paradise called the Outer Banks, bringing with me a dream of a art center or a art scho..."

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hardwork and Dreams

12 years ago on May 18,1999 I moved to the beautiful paradise called the Outer Banks, bringing with me a dream of a art center or a art school that everyday people could walk in anytime and sit down and take a class, at a affordable price. I call my method of teaching and learning "Spontaneous Creating"(c) 1999llpc Everyone deserves a opportunity to find the key to open their imagination and create art, their art.

FOUND COLONY will teach a large variety of classes, from fabric art, art quilts, jewelry making , beadweaving (off loom), polymer clay work, painting in all mediums, pastels and charcoal,clay work, recycling arts and so much more.  All classes will be two to 3 hours , of instruction with artist, some classes will be free you just pay for supplies.

Fabric Art and Art Quilts class, this is a 12 week class that will take you from basics of sewing and operating sewing machines to how to create, embellish and finish a one of a kind fabric ART QUILT.  Each week will be a different technique or series of techniques.You can take all classes or pick the ones you would like to take.  There are many special techniques and methods that I have developed that you can only learn in my class that will make your creating process so much easier.   I can hardly wait to get you all together for the creative adventure we  are about to embark on.

This learning method was tried successfully for 5 years in my previous business the first business to offer teaching of jewelry and beading ever on the Outer Banks. Ocean Beads Gallery was my life for 5 years and I loved it.  We are back now and better than ever.

The school is open to all ages from 2 and up , and is located on Route 64 on Roanoke Island , off of Etheridge Street almost across from Island Farm, another new inspirational attraction, and just a crow fly from the North Carolina Aquarium , Lost Colony and the beautiful Elizabeth Gardens.   We will officially open May 18th, 2011 and the Grand Opening will be Memorial day weekend. 

We are next to the largest Quilt Shop in the area , making it easy to buy your supplies and take a class.  We are also carrying the largest selection of beads and beading supplies, wire, etc(remember our store Oceans Beads Gallery, if not we can show you)  We will add  other art supplies that we as we grow, but will always have some of everything for students to use available.

Come and see the latest and most wonderful thing to happen to the Outer Banks,  home to so many wonderful local artists .