Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hardwork and Dreams

12 years ago on May 18,1999 I moved to the beautiful paradise called the Outer Banks, bringing with me a dream of a art center or a art school that everyday people could walk in anytime and sit down and take a class, at a affordable price. I call my method of teaching and learning "Spontaneous Creating"(c) 1999llpc Everyone deserves a opportunity to find the key to open their imagination and create art, their art.

FOUND COLONY will teach a large variety of classes, from fabric art, art quilts, jewelry making , beadweaving (off loom), polymer clay work, painting in all mediums, pastels and charcoal,clay work, recycling arts and so much more.  All classes will be two to 3 hours , of instruction with artist, some classes will be free you just pay for supplies.

Fabric Art and Art Quilts class, this is a 12 week class that will take you from basics of sewing and operating sewing machines to how to create, embellish and finish a one of a kind fabric ART QUILT.  Each week will be a different technique or series of techniques.You can take all classes or pick the ones you would like to take.  There are many special techniques and methods that I have developed that you can only learn in my class that will make your creating process so much easier.   I can hardly wait to get you all together for the creative adventure we  are about to embark on.

This learning method was tried successfully for 5 years in my previous business the first business to offer teaching of jewelry and beading ever on the Outer Banks. Ocean Beads Gallery was my life for 5 years and I loved it.  We are back now and better than ever.

The school is open to all ages from 2 and up , and is located on Route 64 on Roanoke Island , off of Etheridge Street almost across from Island Farm, another new inspirational attraction, and just a crow fly from the North Carolina Aquarium , Lost Colony and the beautiful Elizabeth Gardens.   We will officially open May 18th, 2011 and the Grand Opening will be Memorial day weekend. 

We are next to the largest Quilt Shop in the area , making it easy to buy your supplies and take a class.  We are also carrying the largest selection of beads and beading supplies, wire, etc(remember our store Oceans Beads Gallery, if not we can show you)  We will add  other art supplies that we as we grow, but will always have some of everything for students to use available.

Come and see the latest and most wonderful thing to happen to the Outer Banks,  home to so many wonderful local artists .