Friday, July 22, 2011

Some of the classes we offer,,,,

We Are waiting for you.....

Last week we had our first students and they did very well.  So now we are just anxiously waiting for the rest of you to come and visit and maybe take a class. 

I have listed below many of the classes we have available although these are not all of them, and if you don't see the one you want call us or email us.

Class ListThis is a basic list of the classes we offer, but anything is possible as far as we are concerned.  So ask if you don’t see what you want, seek and ye shall find.  Almost all classes are done on a walk in basis…some classes are a prescheduled curriculum class but we can work around certain sections of that too.FREE CLASSES…just pay for supplies.Jewelry Making Basics :  Learn to string a necklace, bracelet and earrings , finishing them in a professional long lasting technique.  This class is FREE you only pay for supplies,   Based on your selection of beads and findings.Wire wrapping:  This is the class you want to take if you want to learn how to wire wrap all those pieces of sea glass, shells and other treasures you find so you can wear them and share them with others as your exclusive beach jewelry.  This class is  FREE you only pay for supplies.  $8.00 for suppliesArt Postcards:   Paper collage , treasures and tricks to make one of a kind ART postcards to send to friends while on vacation or just because , you can make them and just frame and enjoy them.  Class is FREE just pay $5.00 for supplies.Hemp Jewelry:   Learn the basic hemp knots and how to add beads and finish your piece of iconic beach jewelry.  This class is FREE , just pay $6.00 for base supplies, can be a little more if you select beads other than what is included.Regular Classes:Water Color  Painting class:  Learn the basics of sketching out and painting with watercolors.  You will see how easy and fun it can be.  Class Fee Free : $15.00 supply fee .Acrylics  Painting Class:   Learn how to mix colors and manipulate the wonderful  medium of acrylic paints.  Fast drying, fun to work with and spontaneously willing to let you create amazing art.  This is a basics class just to teach you how to prepare your canvas , sketch and complete small piece of work. Class Fee Free: $20.00
supply fee.  Pastels :  Pastels are a fancy version of colored chalk, you see many times caricaturists at Amusements parks using them to do portraits.  But it is a wonderful medium to work with and you can achieve great affects with them. Class Fee is $18.00
Fabric Postcards:  Learn how to make Fabric Postcards, mailable art,  some sewing experience needed.   You will be taught how to cut out pieces of fabric ,and design  one of a kind fabric art postcards , using ribbons, beads, paints , raw edge applique.Class Fee is $30.00Art Quilt 6 week class:  This class is broken down into 6  3 hour sessions one day a week.  First class is basic sewing , and how to make your sewing machine do the things you want.  What to look for in designing  your art quilt ,  different ways to use designs.  Info on  the rest of the classes is available on a separate sheet. Supply list is included on that sheet.Class Fee is $180.00 or $30.00 a week with full sign up.One section of the Art Quilt class  is $50.00 
Crazy quilted handbag:  this class will teach you how to do crazy quilting and make a foundation piece to make either a clutch bag or messenger bag.                   3 + hour class  Basic supplies provided, bring  your choice of fabrics. Class fee is $45.00
Fabric Book making :  Make a fabric travel or art journal ,  You will learn how to design your book pages, then make the fabric covers, finally learn how to assemble your book and enjoy it.  They  make great gifts !Class Fee is $40.00
Artist Trading Cards:  This class will teach you how to create paper and fabric ATCs,   A fun little card that is 2 ½  by 3 ½  inches of artistic spirit.  They can be embellished with your own artwork and then decorated with beads and bits of this and that.Class Fee is $20.00

Bead Weaving Classes  Peyote Stitch Bracelet :  A easy to learn off loom bead weaving technique , We use larger beads to teach that make it easier to understand the process.  You will complete a bracelet in the 3 hour class.  Supplies included.   Class Fee $45.00Free form Peyote  Stitch bracelet:  Off loom bracelet that allows your artistic     side to really blossom through your personal selection of focal beads and treasures. Width of bracelets vary, and is made from your available color selection.    Most bead supplies  included in price of bracelet class. 3 hour classClass Fee $55.00

Spiral Stitch Bracelet.A fun twist on off loom beadwork, this is a beautiful fun bracelet to make. 3 Hour class.  Supplies included  Class Fee:  $40.00Beaded Amulet Bag :  This class will take longer than 3 hours but you can do it in sessions.  For one set price.  This is a small beaded bag done in circular peyote, select colors and learn how to make it from start to finish.Class Fee is $95.00
Right Angle Weave Bracelet :  Make an unsusal open weave bracelet that can be embellished with beads and treasures on top.   Beautiful to wear or give as a gift.Class Fee is  $40.00  Daisy chain Bracelet   , a fun , funky little bracelet that works up fairly quickly.  2 to 3 hour class.  Class Fee is $20.00
Circular Peyote:  Make a circular medallion that can be used as a Pin or hair piece.2 to 3 hour class.Class Fee is $20.00 Memory Wire Bracelet:  Tempered wire holds it bangle shape and is fun and easy to wear.   All beads included, except for anything extra special.$15.00

Personal Fabric Pouch (Medicine Bag)  This little bag is quick to sew and embellish with beads and bits.  Perfect to keep all those little beach treasures in and add more things as you  travel.   Takes one hour.Class Fee is $10.00
Basic Card Weaving:   Class will teach you how to take a piece of cardboard and  make it in to a simple loom, to weave a small wallhanging you can embellish with beads and shell pieces.  Just a pretty little piece of art for that special place.2 hour class   all supplies included.Class Fee $10.00 Greeting Card Class: learn to take tissue, paper and scraps of this and that to create artsy one of a kind greeting cards and envelopes.  1 hour classTeddy Bear Class : this is an all day class 6 hours you will learn how to make a traditional teddy bear , fully jointed with wood joints, collectable bear.  I use a sewing technique that makes the process easier than can be imagined.Class Fee $95.00Miniature Teddy Bear Class:  learn how to make a teddy  4 inches tall all jointed (movable ) legs and arms.Class Fee  $60.00Polymer clay Beads :  Get in touch with the basics of wonderful Polymer clay, it is a clay comes in a variety of different colors.   The clay then bakes in a dedicated toaster oven.  To a  durable hardness, make a necklaces bracelet or anklet from the beads you make using basic jewelry techniques.Class Fee  $30.00
Polymer clay Dragons.Making cute little clay dragons that can only bring smiles to your face.Pick two favorite colors and then we will show you all the techniques required to complete one.$30.00  see you there.....


  1. I see so many classes I would love to take! I need to convince my hubby we need a weekend away (I am in Winston) and I can take a class!

  2. Hope to see you soon....We are adding more fun classes all the time....

  3. So excited about this! We are presently winding down our lives in rural NC and moving to the OB! Yay!!! I definitely will be a groupie. Congrats on this new venture and best of luck. We will be there in mid September, hope to meet you then.